Andrea Small

design strategist + educator

I am a design strategist who designs brands, products, and experiences to help startups, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profits take huge leaps forward. I have the empathy of a researcher, but I care about design down to the pixel or part-line.

passion for design down to the pixel and part-line + empathy of a researcher

I have led 100+ projects from research to activation, answering the "why" and "how" behind design. Following 5 years at fuseproject, I'm now a Teaching Fellow at the creating experiment learning experience in design thinking, designing pop-ups, and teaching the legendary Design Thinking Studio, the very first course offered at the when it was founded in 2004.


  • design strategy (physical and digital products and experiences)
  • design thinking, vision and leadership
  • brand strategy and naming
  • design education and workshop facilitation
  • design research
  • UX, IA, wireframing, and storyboarding
  • design language development
  • design writing and presentation design
  • public speaking

I can't share most of my work and process publicly. Care to learn more? Check out my work that's public on my recognition page, or email me to grab a coffee and chat!